What you will need

Before you continue, make sure you have:

  • your National Insurance number or
  • your Home Office reference number – you may have a Home Office reference number if you are subject to immigration control
  • the court or tribunal form number
  • your case number, claim number or notice to pay - if you have one

You'll also need details of your:

  • income, including wages
  • savings and investments
  • partner's income, savings and investments - if you have one
If you don’t know your National Insurance number
If you don't know your Home Office reference number
  • You will find your Home Office reference number on any of the correspondence you have received from the Home Office.

If you don't have either a National Insurance number or a Home Office reference number, you need to use the paper form and apply to the court or tribunal by post or email.

The information you provide needs to be accurate as it will act as evidence for your application. We’ll contact you if we need to see proof of this information.